The Colombo Branch of the Old Boys Association of St.Aloysius College, Galle was started on 23 March 1935 with few Old Aloysinas living in Colombo. After several pocket meetings with the Parent body and the Jesuit priests the first Annual General Meeting was held on 23 March 1935 at the Catholic Home at Bailie Street, Colombo 2. At this AGM Dr. Marceline De Costa was elected as the first President of the Colombo Branch whilst Mr.N.U.Jayawardena and Mr. P.D.Henry were elected the Secretary and the Treasurer respectively. Dr. De Costa held the post of President till 1945 in which year he handed over the reins to Rev. Fr.Terrance de Silva, S.J. who held the post until 1950. According to the records available the committees have met only half yearly and the Annual General Meetings too have not been held annually until 1980. The following chart will show the dates, venues of the Annual General meetings and the names of the Presidents, Secretaries and the Treasurers elected.

Until 1980 the Colombo Branch could be identified as a “dead” organization. The regular committee meetings and the Annual General Meetings were not held. The membership was small. Attendance at the AGM was very poor. AGM in 1963 was attended by 38 members and the cash balance in the bank was Rs. 92/65. Out of the Committee Members elected in 1963, only M/S. Clement Alles, Oswin Silva and Ranjith de Seram are with us today. In 1964 the position improved with a membership of 73 and a cash balance of Rs. 162/71 and 43 members present at the AGM. After Mr. Sam de Silva took over the Treasury of the OBA, he brought up the cash balance to Rs. 3000/38 by 30th June 1966. However the paid membership dropped to 40 by 1967. By this time committee meetings also increased to 6 for the year 1968-69 with a membership going up to 124.

For the first time Colombo OBA organized the “OLD ALOYSIANCE DANCE “on 2nd October 1987 at Ceylinco Hotel. This was a brain child of the youthful Treasurer Mr. Sam de Silva who organized the dance during the Presidency of Mr. Peimpanayagam. In the same year for the first time RECTOR’S DAY was celebrated by the Colombo Branch in Galle with the Old Aloysians in Galle. In 1969 the second dance was organized again by Mr. Sam de Silva during the Presidency of Major. W.A.Serpanchy at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

  1935-1937 Dr. Marcelline De Costa N.U. Jayawardena
Benedict Fernando
P.D Henry
  1937-1938 Dr. Marcelline De Costa Bennet Weeratunga A.Peter De Silva
  1944-1945 Dr. Marcelline De Costa    
  1945-1950 Rev. Fr.Terrance De Silva    
  1950-1953 Mudiliyar T.S.C. Manatunga    
  1953-1955 N.U Jayawardena Harry Jansz W.A Serpanchy
  1955-1956 Dr. W.A Karunaratna Harry Jansz W.A Serpanchy
  1956-1957 N.U Jayawardena Capt. L.P Jurinasz Theadore Karunathilake
  1957-1959 N.U Jayawardena Capt. L.P Jurinasz  
  1959-1961 N.U Jayawardena G.O Buyzer  
  1961-1963 A.C Alles G.O Buyzer W.A Serpanchy
  1963-1965 S.A.C Shums G.O Buyzer W.A Serpanchy
  1965-1968 S.E.R Perimpanayagam Clemant de Zilwa P.B Sam De Silva
  1968-1970 Major W.A Serpanchy Fowzi Marikkar P.B Sam De Silva
  1970-1972 F.T Clement Alles Fowzi Marikkar P.B Sam De Silva
  1972-1976 J.G.T Weeraratna Fowzi Marikkar P.B Sam De Silva
  1976-1978 Mervyn C.B De Silva Fowzi Marikkar Clement De Zilwa
  1978-1980 D.P Chandrasinghe Nalin D. Wijethilake Mervyn Weerasooriya
  1980-1983 P.B Sam de Silva Nalin D. Wijethilake Mervyn Weerasooriya
  1983-1984 A.Oswin Silva Guy De Silva Valantine de Silva
  1984-1985 A.Oswin Silva Guy De Silva Anton Wijekulasuriya
  1985-1986 A.Oswin Silva Nimal Perera M.R.U Salie
  1986-1989 A.Oswin Silva Hemachandra Dias M.R.U Salie
  1989-1989 P.B Sam de Silva Hemachandra Dias M.R.U Salie
  1989-1991 Guy de Silva Hemachandra Dias M.R.U Salie
  1991-1993 Mervyn Weerasooriya Hemachandra Dias Siraj Ismail
  1993-1994 Athula Edirisinghe Hemachandra Dias Siraj Ismail
  1994-1995 Athula Edirisinghe Hemachandra Dias Ranjan Perera
  1995-1996 S.A Ariyananda Perera Sunil Jayawardena Ranjan Perera
Roshan De Silva
  1996-1997 M.Anver Javadh Sunil Jayawardena Roshan De Silva
  1997-1998 Sheriff Rahuman Rimzi Nazeer S.A Ariyananda Perera
  1998-1999 Sheriff Rahuman Rimzi Nazeer Nanayakkara
  1999-2000 Gamini Perera Emil Liyanage Nihal Nanayakkara
  1999-2000 Gamini Perera Emil Liyanage
Sumith Hewavitharana
Nihal Nanayakkara
  2001-2002 Niranjan Vithanage Siraj Ismail Nihal Nanayakkara
  2003-2004 Niranjan Vithanage Hemantha Vithanage Nihal Nanayakkara
  2003-2005 Marcel Bandaranaike Najmul Sammon Jagath Ponnamperuma
  2005-2007 Nihal Nanayakkara Rex Perera Anura Mapalagama
  2007-2008 Siraj Ismail Rex Perera Anura Mapalagama
  2008-2009 Felix Alles Rex Perera Anura Mapalagama
  2009-2010 Prof. Morley De Silva Rex Perera Najmul Sammoon
  2010-2011 Niranjan Vithanage Sumith Hewavitharana Anura Mapalagama
  2011-2012 Oswin Silva Suresh Gunaratne Sulmy Magdon Ismail
  2012-2013 Anil Wikramanayake Suresh Gunaratne Sulmy Magdon Ismail
Rev. Fr. P.N. Peiris S.J. Memorial Fund Student Scholarship Fund
Rev. Fr. O. Morelli S.J. Memorial Fund Sports Fund
Rev. Fr. R. Chiriatti S.J. Memorial Fund Welfare Fund
Rev. Fr. J. Pogany S.J. Memorial Fund Sciences
N.U. Jayawardane Fund Old Faithfuls
Richard & Damon Samarasinghe Memorial Fund English Classes
Myrtle Edirisinghe Trust Fund Teachers' Welfare
Allenson Edirisinghe Memorial Trust Fund Retired Teachers' Welfare

Nine students who had lost a parent in the Tsunami of 2004 are receiving financial assistance from the fund in 2010-three in the class year 7 to 10 at Rs.1500/= pm and six in the class year 11 to 13 at Rs. 1,750/- pm.07 students who had been similarly assisted in the past now finished their studies at college.

Even though the interest rates on the Fund’s investments have declined drastically, the investments are sufficient to cover the assistance to be granted till the last student leaves school in 2016, as we had initially projected the income at a very conservative interest rate that is in line with present rates.

For the convenience of the signatories to the Fund’s bank accounts who are the office Bearers of the Association ,who serve in honorary capacities, the Council of Management has had transferred the Funds Accounts to Bank of Ceylon, City Office, where the Association maintains all its others accounts.

The Council of Management records its appreciation of the services of Mr. Guy De Silva who has managed the Relief Fund’s work from the time of canvassing for funds to date.