Aloysians all,our voice let’s raise
In songs of loyalty
Let’s sing our Alma Mater’s praise:
Here’s to our S.A.C
Aloysians all,let’s rally round
Aloysians young and old,
Let’s cheer till loud our halls resound,
Our flag of green and gold.
Let’s sing of all those selfless men
Who served our S.A.C.
Who feared to wield nor power nor pen
From self to set us free.
Let’s sing of Standaert,Van Reeth,Neut,
Of Cooreman and Murphy
To their great work let’s pay tribute,
Let’s cheer them royally.

Let’s sing of comrades of our youth
Of lessons that we learned
To serve and work for love of truth
Of youthful fire that burned
Within our hearts,
To strive to rise
Above our common clay,
When shone o’er blue and cloudless skies
Pure light of youth’s bright day.

Aloysians all,let’s ever seek
The truth to serve,defend
To right the wrong,to help the weak,
Be fair by foe or friend
Let us obey when Lanka calls
And nobly strive for her
Fight manually what’er befalls,certa Viriliter,

Aloysians all,let’s keep through life ,Let’s
Keep right manfully,Through gladsome days
Or storms and strife,the rule of S.A.C
To give and not to count the cost,
As did our young Prince-saint
Who rending noble service,lost
His life pure,free from taint

Aloysians all,we’ll ne’er forget
Our games field and our shore
The ringing cheers,the keen regret
When heroes failed to score
Debates in hall ,the laughs that rang
O’er comedies we played;
The rich melodious songs we sang,
The speeches that we made.

When toil is hard and vigour gone
And minds are not serene,
Let’s take fresh hope to labour on,
Hope from our banner’s green.
When life’s toil o’er,our goal is won,
May then fore us unfold
The golden harvest of work done,
The glory of our Gold.

Pure as the lilies of our crest
Our thoughts and deeds e’er be;
Fresh as sea-wind be our zest
To keep right manfully
The rule of S.A.C

We learnt at S.A.C.
At halls of S.A.C.
Besides the southern sea.
Aloysians all,let’s young and old
E’er loyal be to her,
And ‘neath her banner green and Gold
Certa viriliter.